How You Can Keep Your Renovation on Budget

How You Can Keep Your Renovation on Budget

When homeowners are getting ready to sell their homes they will look at what projects will bring them the best return.  Often it is the kitchen and bathrooms that get the renovation dollars but if you’re not careful the renovations can get away from you and you end up spending far more than you will get back.  Let’s talk about the bathroom specifically and how you can keep your renovation on budget.

Do it Right the First Time

If you think you will save money by skimping on the contractor and hiring a friend or trying to do the project yourself , it is going to end in disaster.  The project will end up taking more time than it should and costing twice as much as it needs to.  When it comes to your bathroom you can’t afford to not have the plumbing installed properly. Working with a licensed contractor also ensures that you have a warranty should something go wrong.

Start with Cosmetic Changes

First let’s define what cosmetic changes are when it comes to your bathroom, most people think of cosmetic renovations as including a new coat of paint or replacing some finishes.  In this case in can include changing your vanity or even replacing your tub.  What you don’t want to do is change the layout of the bathroom, that involves moving the layout or rearranging where the toilet, tub or sink are located.  Keeping everything in the same place cuts the cost of your reno while still creating a beautiful space.

Choose Tiles Carefully

Nice tiles can totally change the look of your bathroom and help give it that spa feel, but tiles can get pricey.  Smaller tiles may look great but they cost more and take far longer to install.  You will be paying more for both the product and labor.  Really large tiles also add cost, they are harder to handle and there is more cutting involved.  Don’t tile from floor to ceiling that too can raise the cost of your renovation.

Less is More

The bathroom is a small space and too many finished and details just makes it look busy.  Pick a feature that you want to stand out and spend your money on that.  You can focus on your tiles, the tub or creating a beautiful and modern vanity.  You can add style elements with luxurious towels, or add a great mirror.  Make sure than you combine style with function.